Rental Guarantees

Rental income is paid from the date of registration, into your bank account (as the new owner of the property), on a monthly basis by Renprop, for up to 12-months (development and contract dependant). 

Our game-changing rental guarantee offers, on select units, sets you up with an income generating property investment from day-1 - i.e. cash-flow positive investment.

How does purchasing with a rental guarantee work?

Take advantage of our rental guarantees offers, available on select units in some of our developments:

1. Select your desired apartment(s)
2. Purchase your apartment
3. Sign a lease with Renprop (Lease term dependant on offer)

4. Receive monthly instalments to offset against your bond, rates, refuse and levy costs

Take it one step further... Purchase units that offer a cash-flow positive rental guarantee, setting you up with an income generating apartment from day-1.

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